When Do We Go To Recess?

Whoa, doggies. In honor of this blog’s title, this weekend was totally about not playing grown-up anymore.

It started off with a wonderful glass of wine and $20 dinner with my grown-up friends at Kil@wat restaurant. Then Saturday, I worked on the garden and the hair (got to cover the newly formed grays), before another round of dinner out with another grown-up friend.

Sunday I helped a friend move into her first house (which is really everyone’s second house…this place is awesome!) and heard about another friend who was playing mediator between a couple are the verge of divorce. That night I tried watching the MTV Movie Awards, but I just don’t get it anymore. Those kids should be embarrassed by how they present themselves and I just don’t see the attraction to Robert Pattinson. (OMG, I’m old.)

I don’t have any extra money to donate, so I gave blood for the first time today. (Got to keep that M. Skarich inventory up!) I only almost fainted, but got a bunch of cookies and a Coke as an immediate reward. They told me my blood may be able to help up to 3 people. That’s an even better compensation.

I spent my free-time today ordering flowers and picking up pictures for the memorial service. All the while, I’m hearing about others’ parents being sick or dying, bills that need to be paid, and jobs being cut.

This being a grown-up thing is exhausting! So to that end, I propose we all spend at least 10 minutes every day doing something kid-like. I’m going to do my 10 minutes right now-make myself a glass of chocolate milk and paint my nails a loud, office-inappropriate color. Oh…I’m such a rebel!!!


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