Jumbo Shrimp

So I wanted to show y’all that I really am an oxymoron by just giving you a list of the items I purchased this weekend. Then I spent yesterday’s death march thinking about my ultimate workout playlist, which is just as odd. So for those that didn’t believe I really am that random…
Weekend’s Purchases:
-Running shoes that were perfectly crafted for my feet…my first pair of Chuck Taylors…and so-trendy-it-hurts, no-really they hurt, Greek sandals
-A beautiful sweater that cost enough I actually thought twice…and three pairs of cheapy earrings, two rings, and a necklace that cost a grand total of $20
-Department store make-up…and do-it-yourself hair dye
-A beautifully tailored, classic trench coat…in denim material

My Ultimate Playlist-Now I appreciate this is where secret obsessions with Brittany Spears or Color Me Badd are supposed to come out. I wish I was that normal.
-“Daddy Sang Bass” Johnny Cash
-“Do You Hear the People Sing” Les Mesirables cast
-“Madonna’s Like a Prayer” covered by Rufio
-“You Raise Me Up” Josh Groban
-“Song of the South” Alabama
-“Do the Jane Fonda” Mickey Avalon
-“Wide Open Spaces” Dixie Chix
-“American Girl” Tom Petty
-“Babylon” David Gray
-“When You Look Me in the Eyes” Jonas Brothers (ok, here’s my guilty pleasure)
-“Mr. Brightside” The Killers
-“Twisted” NKOTB
-“Tonight” New Kids on the Block (Yes, they get two mentions since they’re under two names.)
-“Jackie Wilson Said” Van Morrison
-“Turn the Page” Metallica
-“(You’re The) Devil in Disguise” Elvis
-“Fat Bottomed Girls” Queen
-“Say Goodbye” Dave Matthews Band
-Any song from Ka, a Cirque de Soliel production
-“La Grange” ZZ Top

Interesting…there’s only one mention of lady singers. Consciously, I thought I preferred guys (in all facets of things that make my life enjoyable, thank you very much), but I didn’t realize there was fact to base that on.

And speaking of dudes (because it is impossible to post a message without a mention of The Hunt or the first guy in my life), when I got really bored at mile marker 2.25 and still had .25 to go (yah me!), I started thinking about guys and how random those selections are. But you know what? Short of the standards like Ben Affleck and the dude that plays Dan Humphrey, I discovered I do have a type that I crush on. I like the dorky types with a goofy smile and a propensity for big words.
Chandler Bing (nope, not Matthew Perry (though he’s cute, too…please see #2), but Chandler Bing)
Bradley Whitford (yes, I believe this show was everything that could be good about tv, but your standard average viewer is just too stupid to get Aaron Sorkin)
-and this guy (p.s. there’s a good chance this guy thinks I’m a wacknut…In case he finds his way here, could you please put a good reference in the comments section? Thanks…I’ll pay you later.)

So it looks like I do take after my dad (ah…damn…two drinks when she says “my dad”)…i.e. I like me some crazy, random stuff after all.


One thought on “Jumbo Shrimp

  1. Alexander says:

    say no to DIY hair dye!

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