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A Maggie Mash-Up

 Obviously, getting back to this blog has been a problem for me. No, there is no shortage of pontifications rolling around my head, but I either 1. haven’t had enough meat to any thought to turn it into its own post or 2. I wasn’t around a computer when the thought flitted through my brain. Sorry peeps, but between school, work, man, dog, house, and gym I’m pretty proud I can focus long enough to figure out what to wear each morning. So with that, here are a few random thoughts from your favorite random thoughter.

1. It has been brought to my attention that I call the guys that I date or am friends with ‘boys’. At what point do I transition that to ‘men’? That sounds so old. 

2. Speaking of which, I’ve spent the afternoon lounging on my couch alone. (Randy got a new Play Station and a Packer game and I got…well, a need for a nap.) Noah has been kind of whiny all afternoon and I haven’t been able to sit still long enough to nap. (Damn.) Guess we both knew who we wanted around. 

3. I wanted V for Vendetta last week and it just won’t leave my brain. I’d like to say that it’s only the Fox News crazies that are that gullible, but I’m afraid that’s becoming a trait of all sides. It blows my mind that educated people believe half the stuff they are letting themselves believe. Bet you thought there were weapons of mass destruction, too, didn’t you? Wait…most of us did. Guess we don’t know who is right without hindsight. (My money is still on whoever isn’t agreeing with Hannity.) 

4. And another speaking of which, Tom Barrett threw his hat in the ring for Wisconsin governor today. He will get my vote as long as he doesn’t use his attack this summer as a tactic. He seems like an upstanding guy so I’m going to guess he won’t. (Then again, I would vote for a wet mop over Walker…Wow, Maggie…got a stick in your side about the conservatives, don’t you??) 

5. Speaking of…ah, you get it…there is a stream of consciousness here… My next mind blowing news story was a few weeks ago when Maine decided to vote against gay marriage. Honestly, I don’t understand what the other viewpoint is. In my eyes, there is not enough love in the world. Look around. How many people do you know that are deeply, thoroughly, stand-in-front-of-a-bullet-for-you in love? Not many. Why is it so wrong to let folks who have found this love to proclaim it for the entire world to see? Is it because your God doesn’t allow for this? Well, they’ll meet Him at the end of this life and will have to settle that score with Him. Not you. Don’t want to have to pay for partner benefits? Ok, Small Business Owner, I get that. But if you do let them get married, it will put money in a reception hall, a dj, a few clothes stores, and your nearest china shop. And, then when the gay folks realize that marriage ain’t wait it used to be, they’ll drop some dough on a couple of lawyers to fight over the Paula Dean pots and pans, the dog, and the National Geographic subscription. I.E. Money is flowing back around, creating jobs, paying some sales tax, etc. And I didn’t even have to get the government involved. Maybe I should run for governor. Obviously, I say this all slanted, but I really would love to hear from someone with differing opinions. Help me understand where you are coming from. 

(EEK!!! That is the stream of consciousness stopping. New thought…) 

6. So the Christmas music has started on a couple stations in town. And I’m listening. Please still like me. 

7. I don’t know how people with kids fit everything else in. As y’all know I am still sans kids, but am so overwhelmed with everything. I caught myself at the gym on a bike, reading a case study for Operations Management class, and watching the Carolina game (p.s. Way to go Cocks! Not too shabby against a #1 team!). Somehow I’m going to assume I wasn’t getting my full potential out of any of those things. Only way I could get it done though and even that wouldn’t have been possible if there were little guys running around. Got any time saver tips for me? 

And speaking of which, I’ve got nails to paint, finance to read, and a couple more shows in the DVR before bed time. Adios, kiddos.


It’s Been A Long Time, Glad To See Your Face


Well, hello there, stranger! How ya been?

I’ve learned something over the last few weeks that boggles my mind…I have a following! Who knew that people were actually waiting with baited breath for me to expel some of these off the wall thoughts into the interwebs? Ok, ‘baited breath’ may be a stretch, but admit it…you missed me.

I hate to keep an audience waiting, so welcome back to No Longer Playing Grown-Up. A lot has happened over the last three months. I’ve been busy with studying for my two classes, conquering the DVR cue, doing something drastic, and getting to know a guy.

What’s that now? There’s a man in Maggie’s life? Well, hot dog! Yes, ladies and gents, I am pleased to announce that I have officially added “and” to my name; as in “Maggie, you and Randy are invited to dinner this weekend” or “Maggie and Randy are the cutest couple ever.” (Ok, maybe I made that last one up, but I believe it.)

Anyway, I am head over heels smitten with this cat. (And I’ve given him access to view my Facebook, this blog, and the CaringBridge page, so he knows everything about me…even this post!) Yes, his name is Randy (1 R, 1 L). He’s an engineer from IL (pig farmer!) who owns his own house and treats me like a princess. We met through mutual friends on Memorial Day, but it wasn’t until August when he asked for my number and got this whole thing started. It’s been my pleasure to get to know the guy, but even more exciting to see what I’ve been missing for the past 29 years. Randy likes a good number of the things I like and if not, he’ll still put up with it for a little while. (Every romantic comedy = one Star Wars movie) He warms my cold toes and opens the car door every. single. time. We’ve stayed up late talking about our philosophies on life and helped each other put up storm windows. We’ve acted silly and dressed up like cops for Halloween and he’s let me fall apart in his arms when life gets to be too much.

And speaking of which…Randy is a phenomenal guy in his own right. If I would have met him on the street in the middle of Montana with no friends or previous connections between the two of us, I would still like him this much. But…he met dad. That’s right, folks. Last May, a year before everything went to hell, Randy was down in Kerrville for 6 weeks working at a small factory his company just purchased. I believe I have exaggerated the story before, so I’ll just leave it at this…Dad was his Fastenal contact and was there to help them out with a problem. We discovered this on our first date and both of us sat there in stunned silence for awhile. Since then, I’ve learned Randy spent his initial post-college years out in Seattle, likes the black diamond ski hills, has a fascination with all things random and even though he can’t understand me, still loves to listen to me talk. Sound like anyone you know? I don’t need the gust of wind to throw me down the stairs into Randy’s arms… I get it. Loud and clear.

So hopefully you can see why I haven’t been here to post anything. I promise I did miss you, my dear blog followers. It’s just that I got this cute guy sitting in the other room and well, he hugs better than you can virtually. I promise it won’t be this long next time though. Now that I’ve shared this with you, I’ve got so much to talk about!

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