A Maggie Mash-Up

 Obviously, getting back to this blog has been a problem for me. No, there is no shortage of pontifications rolling around my head, but I either 1. haven’t had enough meat to any thought to turn it into its own post or 2. I wasn’t around a computer when the thought flitted through my brain. Sorry peeps, but between school, work, man, dog, house, and gym I’m pretty proud I can focus long enough to figure out what to wear each morning. So with that, here are a few random thoughts from your favorite random thoughter.

1. It has been brought to my attention that I call the guys that I date or am friends with ‘boys’. At what point do I transition that to ‘men’? That sounds so old. 

2. Speaking of which, I’ve spent the afternoon lounging on my couch alone. (Randy got a new Play Station and a Packer game and I got…well, a need for a nap.) Noah has been kind of whiny all afternoon and I haven’t been able to sit still long enough to nap. (Damn.) Guess we both knew who we wanted around. 

3. I wanted V for Vendetta last week and it just won’t leave my brain. I’d like to say that it’s only the Fox News crazies that are that gullible, but I’m afraid that’s becoming a trait of all sides. It blows my mind that educated people believe half the stuff they are letting themselves believe. Bet you thought there were weapons of mass destruction, too, didn’t you? Wait…most of us did. Guess we don’t know who is right without hindsight. (My money is still on whoever isn’t agreeing with Hannity.) 

4. And another speaking of which, Tom Barrett threw his hat in the ring for Wisconsin governor today. He will get my vote as long as he doesn’t use his attack this summer as a tactic. He seems like an upstanding guy so I’m going to guess he won’t. (Then again, I would vote for a wet mop over Walker…Wow, Maggie…got a stick in your side about the conservatives, don’t you??) 

5. Speaking of…ah, you get it…there is a stream of consciousness here… My next mind blowing news story was a few weeks ago when Maine decided to vote against gay marriage. Honestly, I don’t understand what the other viewpoint is. In my eyes, there is not enough love in the world. Look around. How many people do you know that are deeply, thoroughly, stand-in-front-of-a-bullet-for-you in love? Not many. Why is it so wrong to let folks who have found this love to proclaim it for the entire world to see? Is it because your God doesn’t allow for this? Well, they’ll meet Him at the end of this life and will have to settle that score with Him. Not you. Don’t want to have to pay for partner benefits? Ok, Small Business Owner, I get that. But if you do let them get married, it will put money in a reception hall, a dj, a few clothes stores, and your nearest china shop. And, then when the gay folks realize that marriage ain’t wait it used to be, they’ll drop some dough on a couple of lawyers to fight over the Paula Dean pots and pans, the dog, and the National Geographic subscription. I.E. Money is flowing back around, creating jobs, paying some sales tax, etc. And I didn’t even have to get the government involved. Maybe I should run for governor. Obviously, I say this all slanted, but I really would love to hear from someone with differing opinions. Help me understand where you are coming from. 

(EEK!!! That is the stream of consciousness stopping. New thought…) 

6. So the Christmas music has started on a couple stations in town. And I’m listening. Please still like me. 

7. I don’t know how people with kids fit everything else in. As y’all know I am still sans kids, but am so overwhelmed with everything. I caught myself at the gym on a bike, reading a case study for Operations Management class, and watching the Carolina game (p.s. Way to go Cocks! Not too shabby against a #1 team!). Somehow I’m going to assume I wasn’t getting my full potential out of any of those things. Only way I could get it done though and even that wouldn’t have been possible if there were little guys running around. Got any time saver tips for me? 

And speaking of which, I’ve got nails to paint, finance to read, and a couple more shows in the DVR before bed time. Adios, kiddos.


3 thoughts on “A Maggie Mash-Up

  1. meghan says:

    You had me at Tom Barrett and Gay Marriage, but you lost me at Christmas music. Oh, Maggie 🙂

  2. A says:

    Call them men when they stop acting like boys.I loathe Hannity as well. He makes my skin crawl and it is my job to "brainwash little kiddos with my liberal viewpoints" just to piss him off :)I think you know I am a bit biased on gay marriage, and I guess I take peace in knowing it is just a matter of time. Nimrods, I mean people are coming around, but after attending an econ seminar today by the Fed I give you kudos on your explanation.I love Christmas music too. The season flies by too quickly IMO, and I want to drag it out as sloooowwwwly as possible. What used to be a torturous time running between families donning some ungodly homemade sweatshirt by Grandma now has a completely different tone with a little one running around. I figure I've got maybe 13 more Christmases with him in the house before he ditches us to go spend time with his significant others family just as I did when I was a young lass.As far as fitting "it" all in with kids, well things just get prioritized differently—hence why I knock the gym & grading papers off my list right away. It is all just part of a cycle, and temporary at that. I'm interested to see how you handle it one day; I admire you enough already and figure it is one more thing I can chalk up on your "good for her" list.Hmm, should I comment more on your posts or less?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Maggie – hope all is well!Just thought I'd share a different viewpoint re: gay marriage. For practicing Christians like myself who believe in the Bible, God makes it very clear that homosexuality is a sin. So if someone asks me if I'm for gay marriage (or if I'm asked to vote on it), the answer is no – I can't support it because that lifestyle is against what I believe. I know this isn't the popular stance nowadays, but there you have it. My motto is that if others get to believe in what they think is right, I'm allowed to have my own belief system too. I do have friends who are gay (who know my stance and I know theirs) and I hope they don't judge me for what I choose to believe. Again, just my 2 cents…Oh – and I agree with the post above about how kids change your life! You end up either reprioritizing your lifestyle or giving things up temporarily. It's probably why my treadmill has been a bit dusty since kid #2 came along… It's definitely a transition at first, but it starts to get a little easier as time goes on…kinda… Because of how much we love our kids, however, we make sacrifices for them and even though it can be challenging, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Now if I can only find a babysitter for next Tuesday, then I can go out for dinner with some friends… :-)Have a good evening and take care!Jeremy

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