Moral of the Story

I’m taking a few minutes of my lunch break to do a quick post regarding the movie “Julie & Julia“. The movie itself was just this side of painful. Good: FOOD. Bad: the laughable scenary which tried to make Meryl Streep look like the large Child. Ugly: Child’s voice was never endearing when she spoke. It was even worse acted out.

What did I get out of it? Well, I’m not too proud to admit that I want to be like Julie when I grow up. No, I don’t want a blog to save my marriage and keep me from jumping off a cliff. But, boy, I sure would like it for all those people to want to write articles about me and offer me book deals and let me sit at home and write blog posts all day. Working in my pajamas with Noah by my side would sure beat the drive in I had to do this morning!

So who else is willing to admit that’s all they took from the movie? And/or that’s their goal? I’m on board with your plans, folks…What do we do to get there???


One thought on “Moral of the Story

  1. Amber says:

    I love the idea…now if only I led an interesting life and had a clever way of describing it….hmmm.

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