I’m happy to announce I’m a proud owner of a(nother) web site. No Longer Playing Grown-Up is getting well, grown-up!

You’ll see I have a couple extra pages here, but still have space for more. What else would you like to see? What needs to live on its own page? Any suggestions for layout, blog post topics, anything?? Bueller? Bueller?

I’m also housed on a new platform. I’m at WordPress now. This means I can actually see when people post comments and get back to you. (My apologies for missing this before. I didn’t know, I swear! You folks looking for a post on running…stay tuned!)

This works when I’m around a computer. I’m going on one last vacation before I’m stationary for six whole weeks, so I’m leaving the laptop at home. I’ll get back to any comments next Monday.

Thanks in advance for following me! It’s an honor to know someone actually cares what I have to say.


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