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We Are Family…I’ve Got My Spouse and Children With Me

First off, thank you to everyone who responded to my call for opinions on the hair. I have a plan of attack that will be unveiled after the next appointment, May 12. Stay tuned!

I’m writing tonight to get you thinking about something that has been on my mind for awhile. As a grown-up, who is your immediate family? In particular, I’m thinking about those folks that have a spouse and children. Are your parents and siblings replaced by said spouse and child(ren)? Without personally being in this situation and only observing, I think this is the case. Of course, family is family and always important (if you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship!), but who do you jump in front of a bus to protect? Who do you want around on an average Tuesday night?

For the sake of argument, let’s say you agree with me. At what point does the transition happen? When you get married? When the first child is born? If you don’t do things in traditional order (i.e. kid before (or without) marriage) do the rules still apply? If you’re not in a serious relationship, but are very close with a small group of friends, can they be counted as your immediate family? I’m thinking of that particular episode of Friends where they all had Thanksgiving dinner together when I think of this last question.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts as I’m guessing there will be differing opinions out there. Enjoy!

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Yes, I Need Your Approval

This could be the girliest of girl posts I’ve ever put up, but I’m not too confident about the dark look. Everyone is too polite to tell me the truth to my face, so… What do you think? Dark or blond?


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If Only Anthony Bourdain Was Dropping F-Bombs…

Than this would be the coolest YouTube video ever.

Bye Bye Birdie: Musical #246 that helped me through my pre-teen angst.

Jon Hamm all fancy-like: You’re welcome.

January Jones wearing pretty much what I did on Friday: Yah me!

What looks like a pretty awesome work environent: I’d sweep floors and clean toilets for a chance to jump out of a cake on that show!

Enough words. Enjoy another great find from the best blog ever.

And yes, I do promise to actually write something sometime soon.  Work is nutso right now with our meeting next week and I’m deep in the throws of figuring out another idiot professor. Stay tuned for that post…That’ll be a doozy!

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