Angels Amoung Us

My car is now "on a break"

As I was t-tick, t-ticking on my way to work today, I noticed the car in front of me driving erratically. He kept tailgating the pick-up in front of him and braking at the last minute. I didn’t think much of it, but backed off and went back to focusing on whatever newspiece the folks at WUWM were showcasing.

Then, as we approached a busy intersection in the fancy-pants section of Capitol Drive, I saw Mr. Pick-Up stop quickly. The car behind him was so close, I thought it was guaranteed they were going to hit. Fortunately (for the first time ever…unless you’re my mom and then this, of course, is my standard practice), I was keeping off his tail so I had enough time to stop. I’m going to guess there would have been about two feet between us had the story stopped there. But you know that’s not a good enough story to stop there…

In a split second, I saw the (Big Ass Tahoe) truck coming up behind me and braced myself. I had slightly swerved to get out of the path of the car in front of me, so BATT didn’t hit me straight on. Instead he caught the left side of the bumper and I swerved into the next lane that two seconds before had been full of traffic going 50+ mph.

Although shaken up, neither of us were hurt. The BATT was perfectly fine. My car is a tough little girl and only has one break and a couple stretches on the bumper. It’s probably going to have to be replaced, but hey, it’ll be on the other guy’s dime.

This could have been worse in so many different ways. I could have hit the guy in front of me. We all could have been going at a faster speed. I could have swerved into traffic and been hit again. The BATT could have hit higher on my car’s back-end and created a ton more damage. Call me crazy, but I firmly believe someone (thing?) was watching out for both of us this morning. Once again, I’m a blessed little cookie! I hope you are enjoying the same fate.

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One thought on “Angels Amoung Us

  1. Meghan says:

    Maggie! So glad you’re okay. Thanks Angel! Be careful out there.

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