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Then I Got Notice of A Restaurant Supply Auction…

So this just arrived at my desk along with five good-looking, yet somewhat utilitarianly-wrapped (i.e. I could do better!) baked goods.

If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

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You Sure About That, Jim?

A couple of you have (rightfully) questioned my willingness to post negative thoughts about my workplace yesterday. Thank you for your concern, but I am confident this is the right place to air my issues.

First and most importantly, I am not jumping ship. Actually, since I’m on the search for what I want to be when I grow up vs. “get me outta here!”, I can see me staying put for a long time. That’s a search that takes years, not days. Your boss and my boss should have the same amount of concern about losing their employees. Also, no matter what the situation, I am a good employee. I will always give 100%; maybe not 110% if I’m not feeling the love, but I’ll give you more than what is expected at all times. I take pride in my work and given my needs for compliments, I’ll continue to strive especially when not being recognized. And finally, most of these people are great. Simply put, I love being with them and will miss them terribly when we’re not working together. On the flip side, I’m learning both to put up barriers and to learn from those that are less than perfect. Yep, those are the folks I can probably get the most out of. It may be “what not to do”, but it’s a lesson none the less.

Now, all of that said, I’m never going to not talk about something because it’s a touchy subject. (But I guess I will use double negatives.) I’ll never be defamatory or tell you deep, dark secrets that may keep me from being president someday, but this blog is an honest perspective on adulthood. You show me a person that has never been unhappy in their job and I’ll show you a liar. I found solace in writing when watching my dad die and find that same relief in writing about lighter, yet still stressful topics. I ask that you, oh reader, my reader, respect that and share your own comments now and then. No excuses-you get to do it anonymously!

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When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be Famous…

The kid in me wants to tell you all about the late night antics of my Alpha Eta Tau Delta fraternity outing last week, but the grown-up can’t focus on anything but the stress that work is causing right now. Let’s see where the stream of thought goes…

When I was 16 and my parents came home miserable every night after another bad day at work, I’d tell them “quit”. Of course they would respond with “it’s not that easy.” No, it’s not, but as I find myself in the same place, I can’t help but wonder if there is something I can do.

A friend keeps saying “well, do you know anyone who likes their job?” Unfortunately, the answer is no (which unfortunately is close to how I would respond when asked as how many people do you know that are truly in love…but that’s a blog post for another day). I think this is akin to jumping off a cliff because everyone else does. I believe work is work, but from the very fortunate position of two months shy of an MBA, I feel like I shouldn’t be this grumpy. I should be able to look everyone in the eye and feel respected for my endeavors.

So if I tell myself to leave if I’m not happy and it looks like I’m not happy, what do I do next? Do I revive Sugar by Maggie? Do I sell fabric wedding bouquets and wreck veils across the land? Do I hole up and write the biography of my grandpa that would be so ridiculously interesting a screenplay couldn’t be that far behind? Notice that none of those include having a boss. I think that’s the problem. The entrepreneur in me needs to just go off on my own. Ah, if only bills paid themselves…

Dear reader – how do you feel about your job? Do you go home with a smile on your face? If you didn’t need the money, how would you fill your day?

(P.S. Bummer that the grown-up won out, but I promise the Coeur d’Alene nightlife report isn’t that far behind. It was so unique!!)

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