Well, That Was Cool

So last Friday, Randy and I went to get the marriage license. From the courthouse and back again, we saw maybe 30 people. One of those people was one of Dad’s best friends, there for such a wacky reason that it could only be a sign (and P’s wacky personality) that brought him there at that exact moment.

Anyway…now that I’m at the emotional rollercoaster portion of this wedding planning business and missing the Pops more than ever, I thought that was pretty neat.

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2 thoughts on “Well, That Was Cool

  1. whitney says:

    Ahh Mags, definitely a sign, a very good sign! I promise you this will be one emotional week with both highs and lows. I could not stop thinking about Daddy the whole time, hence the waterworks down the aisle and the preacher helping me get collected at the front of the church! But ya know what…. I felt so much better for letting the tears flow and I know he was with me the whole time and enjoying every minute of it. It is your day and don’t be afraid to let it out if you want/need too! Love ya lots and I’ll be there when you need to chat! Can’t wait!

    • Amber says:

      Ditto Whitney. It will be emotional, but magical at the same time. Every star in the universe has aligned for this to happen, and they’ll continue to shine down on you!

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