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It’s Me – In (Or Cleverly Disguised As) a Nutshell

So I’ve had a busy day planning travel for my association dudes. My evening was spent learning new routines for the classes I’m going to be teaching at the WAC. It’s 10:27pm and I finally got around to this:

All you folks that don’t know what I do all day…well, it’s something like that. Enjoy!

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Weekend Poll: Who Was Your First Crush?

Fun new feature for the Playing Grown-Up blog – a weekend poll! Everyone needs a little mindless activity at work on Fridays and Lord knows we all end up spending more time playing around on the computer on the weekend than we care to admit. So let’s get started, shall we?

First up – who was your first crush? I’m looking for real or imaginary.

And by imaginary, I don’t mean someone you made up (though it worked for Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic). Instead, I’m looking for the Alex P. Keatons in your life. Oh, Alex. How I loved his political ramblings, short haircuts, and the ties. I quickly got distracted by Ricky (excuse me, RICK) Schroder, but Alex will always be my first love. Michael J. Fox is one of my all-time favorites.

Real life takes us to Halloween 1988. I decided to dress up as a hula dancer that year, but seeing as we were in Wisconsin, I had a white leotard on under my costume. (This was because it was cold…my skin was plenty pasty on its own.) Granted, a white leotard doesn’t look good even on a skinny kid, but, well…I was probably asking for trouble. Still, my dad told me I was pretty so I was excited to show off the new look to Luke, my elementary school crush. Imagine the devastation when Luke told the whole class I looked like a fat pig. Oh, the heartbreak! My heart did not heal until 2009 when I 1. met Randy and 2. ran back into Luke. Let’s just say…dude peaked at fifth grade.

So who was your first love? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Can’t wait to hear!

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Ears A Doggie For You!

A couple week’s ago I got it in my head that Noah needed a friend. With that, I reviewed one of my favorite web sites,, more closely and found Ben. Ben is part black lab, part corgi. Yes, he looks just as ridiculous as that sounds, but boy, is he cute!!

Randy and I did bring Noah to meet Ben, but… well, we’ve already established my dog prefers cats. He had NO interest in adding to our family. (And many thanks to the WI Humane Society staff for not escorting my jerk of a dog out of the building…)

But just because I can’t bring him home, doesn’t mean you can’t. We need to find Ben a home! His notes say that he has a lame foot. That was noticeable, but he bounds around like nothing is wrong. I don’t think that will be an immediate issue or anything to worry about. Ben did have a very playful personality and liked to jump, but he already knew “sit” and seemed to be housebroken. I get the impression he would do good with a training class. They had him pegged at 1.5 years old.

Please share this blog post or a link directly to Ben’s web page. We need to get him adopted!!

P.S. If you adopt him, you totally have my permission to rename him “Lefty”.

UPDATE: An hour after I posted this note, I saw that Ben found a home! I like to think it’s due to the superpowers of my blog, but know it’s because of the great work the Wisconsin Humane Society staff does. Good job!

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48 Hours in 140 Characters or Less (Or Maybe More)

I went to Quebec, Canada for a quick 48-hour tour this weekend to check out hotels for a potential association meeting. (Related-even customs officials don’t believe that is really my job.) Much to my surprise (and panic), my phone didn’t work north of the border, so I couldn’t post any status updates. Here’s what you would have seen…

  • I’ve been married for less two weeks and am in the most romantic city in North America. With my boss. #FML
  • How do you say hipster in French?
  • Nope, still don’t like mussels nor scallops nor three-hour dinners with small talk with strangers.
  • The only thing worse than Trying Too Hard is Drunk and Trying Too Hard.
  • So I’m totally pooped, ready for bed and then there’s this outside my bedroom window. Don’t let the relative silence fool you. These are not sound proof walls.
  • Ate my first poutine today. #notaeuphemism
  • All kidding aside, Maggie’s Poutine and Sugarbush Candy would be bloody brilliant with the 2am Water St. scene.
  • FYI single lady friends with an affinity for 1. Foreigners 2. Hockey players 3. Adrenaline junkies: this.
  • The Quebequois ice skate down cliffs and canoe across icy seaways. No quippy remark. Just a little guilt as I go  read a magazine.
  • Climbed up an icy cliff, down a blocked off, snow-covered barricade and stormed the Citadel walls, all while carrying a purse and wearing Converse. I think I just got my British Army “Defeat the French” girl scout badge (and 14 more reasons for the OC.)
  • Felt kinda bad about eating these chocolates which were sent to my room, but reminded myself I had French fries with gravy and cheese curds for lunch with concentrated maple syrup for dessert. I think today is what we call “A Lost Cause”.
  • There are 100,000 people outside my window. I feel like Evita.
  • I just had a Red Bull & vodka in a glass glass and with a lime and swizzle stick. #Imfancy #notright
  • Going underground between terminals at DTW is a little too Willy Wonka’s Wild Ride for 8:30 am on a Sunday.
  • How is it possible that I landed in Milwaukee, 1,500 miles from where I started, earlier than my typical Sunday morning yoga class would have wrapped up? The science of flight will NEVER cease to amaze me.


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First, Sign a Crazy Waiver

I’ve joked with friends that you have to certify you are nutballs before you’re allowed to comment on news web sites. Today I’ve been grossed out by what I’ve found.

What do these people do when they aren’t commenting on web sites and blogs? They obviously don’t exist in normal society, because holy Christmas are these people crazy. It doesn’t matter if its local news, CNN, MSNBC, or everyone’s crazy favorite, Fox News, the commentors always come of our left (er, or right…) field with their thoughts. (Sidenote and sad state of affairs…I had the hardest time finding “woohoo” on Fox News compared to the other “balanced” sites.)

It’s not as hurtful when the topic is unpasteurized milk or a local art blog, but when it’s about lives lost or a change in how one live’s their life, it’s maniacal.

I’m all for having different opinions and the freedom to share those opinions, but when shared just to be an ass, act superior, or because that’s just your style, well, keep that to yourself (or at least not these public boards.) There has to be a constructive way to say why you disagree. Tell me your talking points…who knows, you may sway me to your side.

And yes, I do appreciate the act of writing this post makes it look like I’m acting superior to others. Dude, I average like 20 hits a day; I’m not forming the world’s opinions though my little corner of the interwebs.

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