View From the Top

I suppose there are certain times in my life when “no longer playing grown-up” is more apropos than others. I’m guessing my wedding day ranks pretty close to the top of that list.

I’ve had job interviews and home closings where I felt like a little kid in my mom’s heels and makeup, but when last Saturday rolled around, I felt like I belonged there – at this time and at this age. I am a nervous person with anxious undertones, but I spent the day enjoying every moment as was instructed by a number of friends and guests. I cry at Hallmark commercials, but I did not waste much time getting myself back together. Instead, you couldn’t have ripped the smile off my face if you tried. I slept easy and hugged hard.

There are so many moments and conversations from our wedding day that I hope to relay here in the future, but one stands out as so amazing it took my breath away even in rehearsal. The moment I came around the corner to enter the sanctuary could be the single most amazing vision I have ever seen. Every person in that room came there to honor Randy and I. They love us and were smiling big, goofy smiles. In the front row sat our parents, whether there or via candlelight, supporting us on this big day. On the altar stood four of the most beautiful, amazing women a friend could ask for, four men that are now my brothers, too, a gentlemen that would lead the most heartfelt wedding ceremony I’ve ever heard, and Randy. Oh, my Randy. How handsome and regal in his silver bow tie and shiny shoes.

You plan a wedding for eight months hoping the food is just right and the DJ plays the right music. Unfortunately, its easy to forget it’s about the love and celebration of all the great things to come.

I wish everyone, including the potential grooms out there, get to experience this view someday. My heart has never been more full.

-Mrs. Joos

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4 thoughts on “View From the Top

  1. Mandi L. says:

    What are you doing blogging during your smug marrieds week? And at 9 AM no less…

    Seriously, though. Congrats. I LOVED the ceremony – very touching. And one of the best weddings I’ve been to – who would’ve thought dinosaurs, 1920’s Milwaukee, and weddings go together so well?


  2. Dave says:

    From beautiful and very traditional wedding ceremony, to the truly amazing, unique, and non-traditional reception, we had a wonderful time Maggie. So happy for you and Randy. Thank for having us!

  3. Amber says:


    A perfectly written post for a perfect occasion. Thanks again for letting me be a part of it. I’m so happy for you both!

  4. Fred Skarich says:

    The playful little Maggie-the-toddler grew into a lovely young lady quite a few years ago, but you were never more beautiful nor elegant than you were on Saturday. Love has most definitely brought out the best in you. May all your dreams come true, and may you and Randy enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling lifetime together.

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