First, Sign a Crazy Waiver

I’ve joked with friends that you have to certify you are nutballs before you’re allowed to comment on news web sites. Today I’ve been grossed out by what I’ve found.

What do these people do when they aren’t commenting on web sites and blogs? They obviously don’t exist in normal society, because holy Christmas are these people crazy. It doesn’t matter if its local news, CNN, MSNBC, or everyone’s crazy favorite, Fox News, the commentors always come of our left (er, or right…) field with their thoughts. (Sidenote and sad state of affairs…I had the hardest time finding “woohoo” on Fox News compared to the other “balanced” sites.)

It’s not as hurtful when the topic is unpasteurized milk or a local art blog, but when it’s about lives lost or a change in how one live’s their life, it’s maniacal.

I’m all for having different opinions and the freedom to share those opinions, but when shared just to be an ass, act superior, or because that’s just your style, well, keep that to yourself (or at least not these public boards.) There has to be a constructive way to say why you disagree. Tell me your talking points…who knows, you may sway me to your side.

And yes, I do appreciate the act of writing this post makes it look like I’m acting superior to others. Dude, I average like 20 hits a day; I’m not forming the world’s opinions though my little corner of the interwebs.

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3 thoughts on “First, Sign a Crazy Waiver

  1. Heather says:

    I am always telling my husband to stay away from comments online on news sites or places like jsonline he likes to frequent. He ends up getting so worked up about the idiots that post there, like anything he says is really going to change it. Stay away from the kooks!

  2. This is actually why I gave up looking at online comments for Lent. Part of the season is exorcising negative energy from your life, and I could think of no better way!

    • mmskaric says:

      Interesting idea Meghan-giving up comments for Lent. I’m guessing that will make you a happier person! It’s amazing how frustrating those can be.

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