Ears A Doggie For You!

A couple week’s ago I got it in my head that Noah needed a friend. With that, I reviewed one of my favorite web sites, www.wihumane.org, more closely and found Ben. Ben is part black lab, part corgi. Yes, he looks just as ridiculous as that sounds, but boy, is he cute!!

Randy and I did bring Noah to meet Ben, but… well, we’ve already established my dog prefers cats. He had NO interest in adding to our family. (And many thanks to the WI Humane Society staff for not escorting my jerk of a dog out of the building…)

But just because I can’t bring him home, doesn’t mean you can’t. We need to find Ben a home! His notes say that he has a lame foot. That was noticeable, but he bounds around like nothing is wrong. I don’t think that will be an immediate issue or anything to worry about. Ben did have a very playful personality and liked to jump, but he already knew “sit” and seemed to be housebroken. I get the impression he would do good with a training class. They had him pegged at 1.5 years old.

Please share this blog post or a link directly to Ben’s web page. We need to get him adopted!!

P.S. If you adopt him, you totally have my permission to rename him “Lefty”.

UPDATE: An hour after I posted this note, I saw that Ben found a home! I like to think it’s due to the superpowers of my blog, but know it’s because of the great work the Wisconsin Humane Society staff does. Good job!

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