Weekend Poll: Who Was Your First Crush?

Fun new feature for the Playing Grown-Up blog – a weekend poll! Everyone needs a little mindless activity at work on Fridays and Lord knows we all end up spending more time playing around on the computer on the weekend than we care to admit. So let’s get started, shall we?

First up – who was your first crush? I’m looking for real or imaginary.

And by imaginary, I don’t mean someone you made up (though it worked for Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic). Instead, I’m looking for the Alex P. Keatons in your life. Oh, Alex. How I loved his political ramblings, short haircuts, and the ties. I quickly got distracted by Ricky (excuse me, RICK) Schroder, but Alex will always be my first love. Michael J. Fox is one of my all-time favorites.

Real life takes us to Halloween 1988. I decided to dress up as a hula dancer that year, but seeing as we were in Wisconsin, I had a white leotard on under my costume. (This was because it was cold…my skin was plenty pasty on its own.) Granted, a white leotard doesn’t look good even on a skinny kid, but, well…I was probably asking for trouble. Still, my dad told me I was pretty so I was excited to show off the new look to Luke, my elementary school crush. Imagine the devastation when Luke told the whole class I looked like a fat pig. Oh, the heartbreak! My heart did not heal until 2009 when I 1. met Randy and 2. ran back into Luke. Let’s just say…dude peaked at fifth grade.

So who was your first love? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Can’t wait to hear!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Poll: Who Was Your First Crush?

  1. Amber says:

    1. met Randy and 2. ran back into Luke. Let’s just say…dude peaked at fifth grade. — Ha! Love this!

    Hmm, well my first celebrity crush to memory was Chad Allen. With a brother 5 yrs. older than me, all of his friends were fair game to be crushed on by me as well.

    I do remember that Bryan R. moved to our class in 4th grade and all of us girls swooned over him. The cute story is that he favored a girl in our class named Cassidy and deservedly so. They are now married and just adopted 2 little girls from Russia so I can’t hate on that.

    And my embarrassing crush moment…I liked Michael W. and decided it best if I express my love towards him by inscribing it on our play area at the park at the end of my street. Well, no one would fess up to writing it on there, but I was outed when asked to spell Michael which I did; M-I-C-H-E-A-L, which is exactly how it was spelled on the play set…whoops. See kids, spelling counts.

  2. Olivia says:

    John Taylor, Duran Duran. Sarah loved Simon. We had a friend named Rachael who loved Nick. We all took their names in marriage – we were, collectively, Samantha Taylor, Yvonne LeBon, and Missy Rhodes. Age 8.

  3. MsQuarter says:

    Shawn was a dreamy 2nd grader to my “trying so hard to be cool” 1st grade self. We were the big kids at daycare, and one day, left to our own devices on the playground, we admitted to our mutual attraction. He was my first kiss. First celebrity crush? Hm.. probably Tommy, the white Power Ranger…that I can remember, anyway…

  4. Erin Hareng says:

    KARATE KID! Oh Ralph Macchio, how you have disappointed me later in life.

  5. mmskaric says:

    Love these stories, ladies. And I can totally picture each and everyone one of you.

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