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New Disease Found in Milwaukee: Toonicitis

I’m sure my bus riding commute will provide for a lot of interesting fodder. Here’s your first story.

Friday afternoon a middle-aged man got on the bus just north of downtown Milwaukee. The man was in nice, business casual clothes and carrying a briefcase. After he paid his fare, he walked up to the person behind me and with a big smile on his face, said “hello, can I sit here and talk with you for a while?” This was (of course) received with a very curt “no”. No worries. Our man of the hour continued smiling as he walked further down the aisle and I lost him for a bit.

A few stops down the way, the guy came back to the front and sat down next to someone else. This woman was reserved, but willing to talk. The two of them chatted for a couple of minutes until it was the gentleman’s stop. He left with a pleasant goodbye and waved to the lady from outside the bus with the enthusiasm of a puppy upon the master’s arrival.

Obviously this guy has a mental handicap, but his “fault” is that he is too nice and looking to make a new friend where ever he goes. Watching this scene play out made me very uncomfortable and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head all weekend. Who was really the one with a fault in this situation? Would I have been willing to talk to him if he had asked me? What a jaded society we live in.

UPDATE: My conclusion was that yes, I would speak with this guy should I ever see him again, but then I ran into another instance of “too friendly”. This morning I witnessed a lady cornered by a gentleman who rode the bus for the first time yesterday. She thought she was being polite. He thought he was making a new friend and talked the WHOLE time he was on the bus again this morning. The lady is now trapped unless she takes another bus. What do you do then? Be rude and wear headphones? Ah, first world problems…

P.S. I am my father’s daughter. Please “The Man in the Green Hat” by Mark S.

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Roll Tide, Not Tornadoes – Support My Alabama Family

We suspend the regular Weekly Poll to focus our attention on this week’s horrendous tornadoes that rolled through the south, focusing their attention on my second favorite southern location. My most awesome cousins live in this fine state. I consider their friends mine as M’rm once hosted me on campus at Alabama and Matt’s wedding made for a great opportunity to make more southern acquaintances. As I understand it, my family and friends are all ok, but there are a lot of people who are not.

If you have the means, may I suggest a quick text to Red Cross at 90999 which will instantly donate $10 to the cause.  Otherwise, you can visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to donate.

I’m not sure what you think about global warming, but everyone has to admit Mother Nature is one angry lady these days. The fact that she released something of this magnitude should make us all question our selfish ways.

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(Still) Sweet Sixteen (Hours)

I have been at the new job for two days so far. I still can’t figure out what I’ll be doing everyday. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it’s kept me from seeing any of the bad stuff yet.

I don’t have an office with a door any more, but I am up against banks of windows overlooking the Plankington/Wisconsin intersection and the Grand Avenue building and parking lot.

My coworkers seem friendly. I’ve been able to pick up on some quirks, but nothing earth-shattering. (Though I will need to start bringing in a iPod. I forgot how nice it is to be able to tune out the neighbors no matter how cool they are.) One lady has a hobby of making jam on the side that she sells at farmer’s markets. Yes, I think I’ll fit in here. I already have a friend in a different department and we’ve got our first lunch date tomorrow.

Our office building is connected to Grand Avenue, which would be lame if I wanted to shop, but kind of nice for lunch options, drug store or bank errands, and the oh so cool mall walking. Yep, I might become that gal.

There is a lot to learn about my new association, so I appreciate the baby-stepping orientation. Stay tuned for more in a week or two!

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Wedding Flowers: Heirloom or Hysterical Idea?

DIY Fabric Wedding FlowersWhen I first told my mom I was getting married, she offered up her dress and veil. Even though she was married in the peak of flowered crowns and puffy shirts, my mom’s dress was beautifully classic. I would have loved to wear it, but when we opened the box, it showed all 37 years of living in a box…i.e. it had yellowed. Wah wah… The veil was still in great shape, but my back-up dress wouldn’t work with it. Mom said the veil was mine to use, so… flowers it was!

This project started in August and went until the middle of February. It started as “hey, IDIY Wedding Bouquet could turn this into a job on Etsy” and ended as “these g-dang, muther f-ing, flowers that WON’T DIE”. Sure, I saved a lot of money and yes, I now have keepsakes vs. fresh flowers that would have been dead by the end of the reception…but my word, was this a lot of work. In the end I am very glad I did this, but I do want to warn anyone else thinking about this project.

DIY Wedding BoutineersWhat do you think? Was it worth it?? Leave a note in the comment section.

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Weekend Poll: What’s Your Best Cold Remedy?

I know I deserved it. I had 10 hours of sleep between Tuesday and Friday of last week. I drank more soda than water and ate absolutely no vegetation. Still, I was surprised when I woke up sick Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night I loaded up with Emergen-C mixed into a big glass of orange juice. I’ve had this cocktail twice a day since and will keep it up until the symptoms are gone. Mix this with a meal of white rice with soy sauce and a diet soda and you’ve got my best cold remedy. No chicken soup for me!

What do you do to get back on track when you’re sick?

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