Weekend Poll: What Was Your Best Birthday?

In honor of this weekend’s jubilee, this week’s poll is about birthdays! What has been your favorite birthday?

I’m going to say my best was my 16th birthday. I had a new outfit (white shirt, yellow skirt and vest…what the heck was I thinking?!) and we had (surprise, surprise) Yen Ching for dinner that night. This was right at the tail end of when it was cool for all your friends to give you big helium-filled balloons, which you carried class to class as a proclamation of how many friends you had. I had a lot of friends that year (and/or my parents may or may not have had some balloons delivered to school.)

The best part of the day, was that I got out of school early so I could do my driver’s license test. Yes, I was the nerd who made that appointment months and months in advance so I could make sure I got my appointment on the actual birthday. I know I’m still not a good driver, but I did pretty well that day.

(Related: you can never pull out in front of a fire truck with its lights on. Even if said fire truck is five blocks away and traveling 20 mph in a funeral procession. Besides parallel parking on an uphill, that was the only thing that caused me to lose points. And I will never, ever see that again.)

It wasn’t until the summer that I got the Toonie-mobile, but the license in my purse was the freedom this independent teenager had been craving. And let’s not forget…my parents probably didn’t mind too much seeing as all my friends lived on the way opposite site of town… Best argument for my own car I could come up with – all my friends were southsiders!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Poll: What Was Your Best Birthday?

  1. Amber says:

    What? This beats last years shin-dig? No really, that does sound like a super sweet 16. Too bad it wasn’t good enough to make it on MTV by today’s standards. “I want a BMW!! Waaahhh!”

    Hmm, my favorite birthday…I’m actually kind of at a loss. I have favorite birthday memories but I can’t really recall a whole day jubilee of events. In fact I can’t even remember my 16th birthday and I wish I could say it was because I was hammered.

    One day that does stand out was my 10th. At least I think it was my 10th. It was probably my only “friends” birthday. My mom rented us a room at the Holiday Inn and I had a hotel slumber party full of swimming, pizza, and I’m sure some discussion of NKOTB. I remember vividly the next morning that breakfast was brought to us by my grandmother and my brother….they were full on dressed up as clowns. Oh the humanity! I was so embarrassed by them. I laugh about it now, but I’m pretty sure I crawled into a hole back then.

    My 21st was pretty good too, now that one I do remember…well except for how in the hell I woke up in a dorm room that wasn’t mine, oh wait that was because my wingman roomie ditched me to pass out herself, lol.

    I’m loving these Friday polls 🙂

  2. whitney says:

    hmmm.. gotta go to my 13 or 14th birthday, can’t remember which one but I remember it was a slumber party at my house and I had about 8 girls over. We had the middle school dance that Friday so Daddy picked us all up, in the oh so stylish mini-van, after the dance and we headed back to the house. This was the time when we all had “boyfriends” and everyone was dating someone.
    My neighbor Neil had all of our “boyfriends to his house on the same night. So when we got home we played a rousing game of night tag, then ended up on the gazebo on the pond playing truth or dare. LOL so much fun! That may be the same night my friend Lindsay brought over her parents copy of “Basic Instinct” and we got busted watching that too…LOL mom was like “what the hell are y’all watching…give me that”

    Ahh memories!

    Lobo – it was the cement mixer that made you not remember!

  3. mmskaric says:

    Haha! I love both of these stories.

    Amber-If I would have opened the rules to what was your favorite birthday party, it would have totally been yours. That was the best birthday I’ve ever experienced! 😛

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