The Ugly (Amount of Time Spent on DIY Wedding Projects)

Finally! It’s time to share the unique details from the most magical wedding of the year. I need to make sure this gets out before the royal wedding. Don’t want Kate taking credit for my personal touches.

Paper Goods
I used one of our engagement pictures, Microsoft Publisher, and Walgreen’s  photo lab to put together our save-the-date cards for $15. Woohoo! The programs were nothing to write home about, so I want to focus our attention here on the awesome work Amber did on the invitations. Amber is a wiz when it comes to scrapbooking and paper goods, but her invitations looked even more professional than I expected. Thank you so much, Pablo for putting these together! They laid out the theme perfectly.

DIY Travel CardboxThere is a debate about the “couth-ness” of a honeymoon registry, but Randy and I had no problem being tacky if it helps get us to Europe in style. To add to this theme, I wanted a travel-related cardbox. So instead of your standard wedding-color-themed thing, I created what I hoped looked like three suitcases, including cute handles, luggage tag, and old-timey steamer stickers for the places we’ll be going. This turned into an engineering project that both Randy and I worked on but, in the end, I think it looked pretty nice. If only I had someplace to put it now.

Cookie Favors
If you know me, you know that I love to bake. And in particular, I love to bake chocolate chip cookies. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on some tschotzky that no one would take home, I decided to make 550 cookies. Yep, it was a monster undertaking, but thanks to my aunt and uncle who took over the kitchen the Thursday before the wedding, we got it done with no problem. I think this was a great addition to the wedding. People snarfed them, particularly when the appetizers were a little slow in coming out. And, boy, did they taste good in the middle of the night when Randy and I were recapping our day!

Movie Poster
You’ve already seen the photo slide show, but what you haven’t seen is the poster outside of the Nickelodeon Theater where the film was played. Our cool friend Erik did this for us. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a good place to display it onsite, but this is definitely something we can keep up in our house.

Guestbook Replacement
Guestbook alternativeMy favorite personalized detail of the wedding was the guestbook or rather the guestbook replacement. Instead of doing a book that would live on a shelf never to be seen again, I painted the trunk of a tree on a 24″  X 36″ canvas. Using ink pads, we asked each guest to “leaf” their thumbprint. The end result is perfect enough that we are going to hang it in our bedroom. (And yes, even with a million kids in attendance, we only got 3 “falling leaves”. Not bad.)

In my humble opinion, the flowers were epic. With that, they get their own post. Stay tuned!!

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