Wedding Flowers: Heirloom or Hysterical Idea?

DIY Fabric Wedding FlowersWhen I first told my mom I was getting married, she offered up her dress and veil. Even though she was married in the peak of flowered crowns and puffy shirts, my mom’s dress was beautifully classic. I would have loved to wear it, but when we opened the box, it showed all 37 years of living in a box…i.e. it had yellowed. Wah wah… The veil was still in great shape, but my back-up dress wouldn’t work with it. Mom said the veil was mine to use, so… flowers it was!

This project started in August and went until the middle of February. It started as “hey, IDIY Wedding Bouquet could turn this into a job on Etsy” and ended as “these g-dang, muther f-ing, flowers that WON’T DIE”. Sure, I saved a lot of money and yes, I now have keepsakes vs. fresh flowers that would have been dead by the end of the¬†reception…but my word, was this a lot of work. In the end I am very glad I did this, but I do want to warn anyone else thinking about this project.

DIY Wedding BoutineersWhat do you think? Was it worth it?? Leave a note in the comment section.

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