(Still) Sweet Sixteen (Hours)

I have been at the new job for two days so far. I still can’t figure out what I’ll be doing everyday. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it’s kept me from seeing any of the bad stuff yet.

I don’t have an office with a door any more, but I am up against banks of windows overlooking the Plankington/Wisconsin intersection and the Grand Avenue building and parking lot.

My coworkers seem friendly. I’ve been able to pick up on some quirks, but nothing earth-shattering. (Though I will need to start bringing in a iPod. I forgot how nice it is to be able to tune out the neighbors no matter how cool they are.) One lady has a hobby of making jam on the side that she sells at farmer’s markets. Yes, I think I’ll fit in here. I already have a friend in a different department and we’ve got our first lunch date tomorrow.

Our office building is connected to Grand Avenue, which would be lame if I wanted to shop, but kind of nice for lunch options, drug store or bank errands, and the oh so cool mall walking. Yep, I might become that gal.

There is a lot to learn about my new association, so I appreciate the baby-stepping orientation. Stay tuned for more in a week or two!

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