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still having fun, still on weird keyboards

Fun Fact: European keyboards are set up differently. Hence the lack of updates. Having a great time… two more days in Paris. Will update A LOT more from the familiar keyboards of Milwaukee.*

* “fqmiliqr keyboqrds of ?ilzqukee:” is how this keyboard types out that phrase.


Checking In

Its Saturday morning here in Florence and Im writing this from an internet cafe, so it will be very short. Everything is still fantastic. We saw more than we expected here in Florence and did a day trip yesterday into Tuscany. Going to Venice on the noon train. Then off to France tomorrow night. Ah, a girl could get used to this.

Just Your Average Birthday

Today is Randy’s birthday, which we’ve decided we’ll never be able to top. We started with a dessert breakfast from a patisserie located near the markets of Campo di Fiori (hey, Amber will tell you I always have the most fun on other people’s birthdays. This year was no different…) We saw a bunch including the Colosseum and all the ruins surrounding it. Yesterday was the Vatican and the Borchese gardens. Lunch was at a local haunt recommended by an Italian AHTD dude. Dinner was at the suggestion of our apartment’s owner. A BUNCH of fantastic food, a bottle of wine, two gelatis (“gela-tie”?),  and complimentary lemoncello later…It was a great birthday… Gosh, I love this.

P.S. We’ve already taken 142 pictures. Start popping popcorn…Our stories are going to take forever!!

May 15, 2011 – We’re Here!

Ciao, my lovelies!

Our flights were all on time and customs was ridiculously easy. There were no questions…not even a stamp in our passports. Heck, the border guard in Quebec in March was more inquisitive!

Our apartment was easy to find and is so cute! It rained today, but we still had an amazing first day running between ruins. (Will visit again later in the week when we can enjoy…) Vatican City tomorrow. The food – OMG. Today my life was changed by a bruschetta pomadoro and an espresso. American food will never be the same.

P.S. Italian computers are way different! So posts may be short here…Or at least short on contractions….


Leggings Aren’t Pants

There. I’ve said it.

They don't need to be print to be wrong. Black is just as wack.

Perhaps this is my belief because I’m “blessed” with short, stumpy legs that look horrendous in spandex or perhaps it’s because I’ve seen way too many lady parts in recent days. Anyway, I’m not alone. The good folks at The Frisky have shared a chart to help you ensure you are in fact wearing pants.

Click here for the link. And ladies…please put on some pants.

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