Leggings Aren’t Pants

There. I’ve said it.

They don't need to be print to be wrong. Black is just as wack.

Perhaps this is my belief because I’m “blessed” with short, stumpy legs that look horrendous in spandex or perhaps it’s because I’ve seen way too many lady parts in recent days. Anyway, I’m not alone. The good folks at The Frisky have shared a chart to help you ensure you are in fact wearing pants.

Click here for the link. And ladies…please put on some pants.


2 thoughts on “Leggings Aren’t Pants

  1. Christina says:

    I totally rocked leggings with a long tshirt and cardi on the plane home. I think I blended with the edgy German girls. But i never called them pants…and my ass was covered the whole time.

  2. micky says:

    Holy crap! I despise leggings! I have been saying for months now that they should be BANNED! Same thing with skinny jeans on guys! Sorry for all the !’s, but I am pretty passionate about this topic!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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