Just Your Average Birthday

Today is Randy’s birthday, which we’ve decided we’ll never be able to top. We started with a dessert breakfast from a patisserie located near the markets of Campo di Fiori (hey, Amber will tell you I always have the most fun on other people’s birthdays. This year was no different…) We saw a bunch including the Colosseum and all the ruins surrounding it. Yesterday was the Vatican and the Borchese gardens. Lunch was at a local haunt recommended by an Italian AHTD dude. Dinner was at the suggestion of our apartment’s owner. A BUNCH of fantastic food, a bottle of wine, two gelatis (“gela-tie”?),  and complimentary lemoncello later…It was a great birthday… Gosh, I love this.

P.S. We’ve already taken 142 pictures. Start popping popcorn…Our stories are going to take forever!!


One thought on “Just Your Average Birthday

  1. Kris Hillmer says:

    Sounds absolutely divine! Happy Birthday, Randy (he shares the day with Kim, so it’s definitely a great day to celebrate). Keep snapping the pix, cannot wait to see them when you get back.

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