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Big Push to the Finish

I’ve done pretty good with my 2011 New Year’s Strategic Plan. (What, you only have resolutions? Well, pshaw… I’ve got a whole plan. P.S. You love me and my nerdy ways.) I’ll save the full recap for the month of December, but all in all, goals are being reached. “Be healthy. Be happy. Grow.” Not bad for a year’s work. (Or a gym’s mission statement, but whatevs…)

That said, I could use a big push to help me finish the year strong so I’ve decided to add a few sub-goals to October.

October Unprocessed Month1.  #NoProOcto© – Per Eating Rules suggestion, I’ve pledged to go through October without any processed food. This means I’ll have to find substitutes for my Fiber1 bars and Hershey sauce, but overall, I think this is a diet (and by diet, I mean selection of food, not restriction of food) that shouldn’t be too hard to follow. For me the definition of “processed” is anything I can’t make in my kitchen. (Ex. Fiber1 bars with their corn syrup deliciousness out. Outpost fresh granola made of oats, dried cranberries and all-natural peanut butter in.)

To start, I’m only allowing myself one exception – diet coke.  I recently tried to quit soda and just can’t. Sure, this probably proves that soda is the thing I need to focus my attentions on, but I don’t want to fail in the first week. Instead, I will try my best to cut back and at the most allow one per day.

2.  Hopefully #1 will lead to more blogging as I report in. If you don’t hear from me here, here, or here, feel free to harass and make sure I’m on track. Things should get interesting as we get closer to trick-or-treating time.

3.  Under the “be happy” category, I’m going to spend time this month sloughing off the unnecessary bullshit that surrounds me. I have forced Randy to indulge Weepy Maggie way too many times over the last couple of months. If I have time (after completing the 8,000,000 flowers I need to get ready for this) I’ll blog about this, too.

4.  Do I need to make another goal to rid myself of unnecessary punctuation in my life? Jeez, there’s a lot in this post! Nah.

So stay tuned. Should be an interesting month!

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