Day 1: Being Healthy is Expensive! Or Is It???

To get #NoProOcto off to a good start, I headed to Outpost, our local organic grocery store. I think there might be a surcharge for the hipness factor, but for the month, I’ll be willing to pay. Here’s what I got:

Outpost Purchases Week 1

Highlights include house made baba ganoush, hummus, straight-from-the-farm goat cheese, fruit spritzers (die Diet Coke habit, die!), and an organic take-and-bake pizza. I also got almonds, dried cranberries, and fresh bread (water and flour. The end.) You’ll notice there are no vegetables. We have about a month left on our CSA, so I already had a fridge full of squash, tomatoes and enough lettuce to feed an army. I did purchase pork chops, but couldn’t bring myself to buy their $11 chicken breasts. Pick N’ Save has organic chicken for less. Guess I’ll have to go there, too.

This morning’s grand total was $102. That’s a lot given the staples that weren’t included. BUT-this does include a lot of food for lunches and snacks which I typically purchase as the week goes on. Will it balance out? I doubt it, but I feel better. Maybe.

Stay tuned for product reviews as the month wears on.

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