Weekend Homework: What’s Your Passion?

You may have noticed there was a post up yesterday that disappeared a couple of hours after it went up. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the content. Actually, I discovered I wrote the same exact thing exactly one year ago. Isn’t that ironic? October 20th must be a wistful day on my calendar.

I do want to make sure to still include a link to this article from Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog blog. There are great questions at the end to make you think about where your passion lies. Creating, (event) planning, organizing, daydreaming (workday application: strategic planning), writing, making people smile – these are my answers to those six statements.

What are yours? If you don’t know the answer to her questions, I suggest you spend some time this weekend thinking about it. You might be surprised what comes to you.

Again, many thanks to Liz Strauss for making me think this week. I needed it!

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