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36 Hours In

And already my head is spinning. Do I do yarn bouquets or button bouquets next? What keywords fit me best for Google searches? Does ESPN or the Food Network make for better background noise? I got my next order in the mail today, but why isn’t it showing up on USPS website? Should I get a virtual PBX account so my phone line sounds more professional? Did I remember to track my miles driven downtown today? Would a blog about my new coworker, Noah, get much traffic? I got all the office supplies, but where do I put them until I have an office? Do I want more businesscards or should I do a professionally printed brochure?

Oh, and finally… It’s been 36 hours. Where is the long line of customers?!?!

I’m laughing at that last one, but whew… becoming a small business owner might be what finally takes me to the dark side. Coffee, here I come!

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Sisterhood of the Polyester Pants

Do you see these pants? (No, you can’t see these pants…I refuse to post a picture for reasons that will become evident in a moment.)

I have worn these pants at least once a week on average for the last 10 years. Yes, 10 years. That means roughly 500 wearings. I do believe I got my money’s worth out of ’em. Or rather my mom did. The pants are part of one of the suits that was purchased at the Charleston Place mall as a graduation present. They were properly hemmed and the only “dry clean only” item to stay in my repertoire for this long. There is a little snag on one thigh where I keep trimming the extra thread (how is there any thread left?!). The lining never sits properly so the pants often look wrinkled.

But they are comfortable. They match everything. They are the proper length for the flats that I have worn almost as often. (Though I did have to buy another pair of the same shoes during this time frame…)

These pants traveled to conferences. They networked at local meetings. I don’t think they ever sat in on an interview, but they definitely were at annual reviews. They have witnessed hot weather where their two layers proved to be too much and cold winds where the lining turned to ice. I probably was wearing them the morning my parents left for Texas. I can almost guarantee I was in them the day P and I broke up over the phone. I think I might have been wearing them when Randy and I did the financial math and made our next big decision.

When I change out of these pants tonight, I would like to unceremoniously burn them. I won’t, but only because the smoke would be caustic. I can promise you that I will never put them on again. Even if I am forced back to the traditional work world, I will let these pants go. It’s time. I’m ready to move on.

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Walking Along the Lonely Street of Dreams

“I don’t know where I’m goin’
but I sure know where I’ve been
hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday.
An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time
but here I go again, here I go again.”

-Proverb by Whitesnake

Last week I spent a lot of time thinking about my decision to go to University of South Carolina. I never understood why people couldn’t grasp the concept of going away to school. Heck, why weren’t they doing it themselves?! My parents told me they were proud of me. My friends were happy for me. My boyfriend used it as an excuse to break up with me. But no one really got my decision. Even my guidance counselor suggested I just attend MATC to save money and the fear of the unknown. (Ah, my first disheartening coworker…) Of course I was scared and cried 450 of the 900 miles down to Columbia, but I never wavered. I knew college in SC was what I was meant to do. Little did I know that would turn into one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned SO much. I made such great friends. I grew up. I had experiences. I got wise.

It’s time to make a wild choice again.

As of Monday, November 28, Mark the Occasion Designs is going to be my only job. With the unbelievable support of my wonderful husband and a mom and friends who have told me they believe in me, I am going to give entrepreneurship a full-time whirl. I have a plan, but that didn’t keep me from waking up at 3 am last night to debate the risks. A good night’s sleep may be a thing of the past, but I cannot tell you how excited I am! As we have discussed ad nauseum, my first show is this weekend. It will be a learning experience (as everything technically can be!), but it will also be the event to fund this venture. I’m not taking out any loans…I’m only giving myself this profit to work from. I’m sure my first $100,000 won’t be far behind. That happens in the first month, right? (Kidding!)

This time around I’m getting a lot less blank stares. “Courage” is being thrown around as much as “congratulations.” I hope I have your support, too, but if I don’t, perhaps this blog can now be a place to teach you to have your own courage. Do something because you want to, not because you should. If you have your mind set on something and know you can make it work, you can!

We have lots of time for me to sell you wedding flowers and for you to give me advice, but for now let’s give thanks to those that believe in us. You can’t ask for a better gift. And reader, I believe in you!

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11 Years Ago Today…

I had one of the best birthday parties of my life. No, it wasn’t my birthday, but it was a fun, fun, fun night! The Black Pant Brigade went out strong and came home spent. Someone may have tried a cement mixer shot. Someone else may have left that person to sleep in the dorm bathroom. (But she was kind enough to leave pjs and aspirin for the bathroom sleeper!)

I’m guessing there was probably some flirting with old dudes, since that’s who the birthday girl attracted. Or guys in letterman jackets. Or old guys in letterman jackets. I’m relatively confident Papa John’s pizza and copious amounts of Bud Light were consumed. I can guarantee there was dance-floor flailing and chasing after baseball players.

In short, that birthday was exactly how a 21st birthday should go down. I can only hope 32 is half as wild.


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Day 31: A Month in Review

October has come to a close and with it, so goes #NoProOcto. If I were to be graded, I’m not sure I would have passed this month. Well…I probably would have passed, but definitely not with flying colors.

Overall, I would guess I ate about 70% unprocessed food (which probably means 55% is more accurate.) I had plenty of excuses for processed, but it came down to two things. First poor reason was that I was out with friends or family and didn’t want to be the jerk that wouldn’t eat anything. Point 1A would be that I can’t NOT eat when food is put in front of me. The other reason is even worse – I NEED CHOCOLATE!! I tried my damnedest to keep homemade baked goods in the house, but I am like a heroin addict when it comes to my fix before bed. I’m not too proud to say I tore into an old Hershey bar I found in the back of the cabinet one night when the chocolate syrup for milk had run out…

I did learn a lot from this exercise though. At the beginning of the month I thought about our trip down to Illinois. Subway was the only healthy option at our normal dinner stop exit, but their meats, cheeses, and breads couldn’t be more processed if they tried! Instead, I picked up sandwiches, chips, and cookies from Outpost. Delicious and healthy! I’ve learned I really can live on one soda every other day, though every two days may still be a stretch. I made it through the whole month without diving into the snack box here at work. (Though I’m mowing through leftover Halloween candy from the bin as I write!)

I now know to read labels and weigh the calorie/fat savings to the number of preservatives and fake ingredients in the food. Also, I’ve starting asking at restaurants (and been surprised by the answers, both good and bad.) Most importantly, I have learned that you can make great meals using fresh ingredients without it taking any longer than something out of a box.

I do think I’ll do a No Restaurant Month experiment sometime in the near future. Seeing as I already broke the rules  by enjoying a salad from UWM’s Conference Center cafeteria, I guess I’ll have to plan on another time.

What experiments have you done with your food intake?

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