11 Years Ago Today…

I had one of the best birthday parties of my life. No, it wasn’t my birthday, but it was a fun, fun, fun night! The Black Pant Brigade went out strong and came home spent. Someone may have tried a cement mixer shot. Someone else may have left that person to sleep in the dorm bathroom. (But she was kind enough to leave pjs and aspirin for the bathroom sleeper!)

I’m guessing there was probably some flirting with old dudes, since that’s who the birthday girl attracted. Or guys in letterman jackets. Or old guys in letterman jackets. I’m relatively confident Papa John’s pizza and copious amounts of Bud Light were consumed. I can guarantee there was dance-floor flailing and chasing after baseball players.

In short, that birthday was exactly how a 21st birthday should go down. I can only hope 32 is half as wild.


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