36 Hours In

And already my head is spinning. Do I do yarn bouquets or button bouquets next? What keywords fit me best for Google searches? Does ESPN or the Food Network make for better background noise? I got my next order in the mail today, but why isn’t it showing up on USPS website? Should I get a virtual PBX account so my phone line sounds more professional? Did I remember to track my miles driven downtown today? Would a blog about my new coworker, Noah, get much traffic? I got all the office supplies, but where do I put them until I have an office? Do I want more businesscards or should I do a professionally printed brochure?

Oh, and finally… It’s been 36 hours. Where is the long line of customers?!?!

I’m laughing at that last one, but whew… becoming a small business owner might be what finally takes me to the dark side. Coffee, here I come!

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