2011 Year in Review Goal 1: Be Healthy

I am a dork and do my New Year’s resolutions like strategic plans – goals, objectives, etc. There were three parts to 2011’s plan. This post focuses on part 1. Stay tuned for more.

Goal: Be Healthy.

  • Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes (running the whole way.)
  • Enter 4 athletic events.
  • Stick with Weight Watchers until I’m comfortably back to my 2004 weight.

Dude…I did NOT meet this goal.

I did complete four events this year. Here they are with times:

  • Cupcake Run 5k in May (34:50) – I did not run the whole distance, so I sacrificed my cupcake. Instead stopped at Starbucks on the way home for a chocolate smoothie. Healthy calories?
  • Rock N’ Sole 10k in July (1:14:02) – My goal was to finish in under 1:15, so I at least met that, but I think I only ran about a half. It was hot, there wasn’t water, blah, blah… there were plenty of excuses, but I just simply wasn’t ready for this distance.
  • Sausage Race 5k in July (35:05) – This one was miserably hot, my nerves got the best of me, and my wheels flew off almost instantly. Also sacrificed my sausage and beer, but given that it was 10am, I probably would have done that anyway.
  • Warrior Dash 5k with obstacles (41:50) – I held Randy back and he ran with me on this one. I went into it knowing I probably wouldn’t run the whole distance and to just have fun. I did! Swimming through mud was a blast. Do I need to do it again? Eh.

You can see I didn’t make my 30 minute mark, nor my run-the-whole-distance goal (though I did run 3.1 miles in practice a bunch!), so that is moving to 2012. I’m also upping my second challenge and planning on doing one special athletic event each month a la Miss Meghan A.  These events won’t all be running-based. Throwing in some yoga or pilates challenges sound great, too! That said, my first event is going to be the Sampson Stomp 5k on January 15. Anyone want to join me?

As for the weight, well, I’ve been hovering around the same number for 18 months now. 2012 may include some baby-housing, so I’m going to try to stop focusing on this number. Instead, I’ll focus on how clothes fit, how well I’m sticking to an exercise regimen, and trying to master my chocolate intake.

What are your health goals for 2012?

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