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11 Years Ago Today…

I had one of the best birthday parties of my life. No, it wasn’t my birthday, but it was a fun, fun, fun night! The Black Pant Brigade went out strong and came home spent. Someone may have tried a cement mixer shot. Someone else may have left that person to sleep in the dorm bathroom. (But she was kind enough to leave pjs and aspirin for the bathroom sleeper!)

I’m guessing there was probably some flirting with old dudes, since that’s who the birthday girl attracted. Or guys in letterman jackets. Or old guys in letterman jackets. I’m relatively confident Papa John’s pizza and copious amounts of Bud Light were consumed. I can guarantee there was dance-floor flailing and chasing after baseball players.

In short, that birthday was exactly how a 21st birthday should go down. I can only hope 32 is half as wild.


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Fall Fun – Events in Milwaukee I Can’t Go To, But Wish I Could

Fall is supposed to be the time when Milwaukee’s social calendar starts quieting down. Not this year! Either the city is finally getting hip or everyone knows I have put myself on self-imposed exile until November 19th to get ready for my in-person debut. I can’t attend these events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Go for me. Have a beer or some soup or a fancy, dry-ice-covered cocktail that’s been whored out in baseball playoff commercials. (Seriously, I think there are only like four commercials over and over again…)

Art Milwaukee/Newaukee/Spreenkler Meeting/Everything Cool Grand Opening
Thursday, October 6 6 – ??
Looks like Grand Avenue is coming alive all at once thanks to these great networking groups and new businesses. This seems like THE place to see and be seen for a creative small business owner and anyone who considers themselves a Milwaukee hipsters. Find your best ironically hued business attire and check it out!

Milwaukee Young Professionals: Ballet and Brew
Friday, October 7 5:30 – 8ish
Attend this event for a backstage look at a dress rehearsal of Michael Pink’s Dracula AND a brewery tour at Milwaukee Brewing Company. This seems like the best date idea ever. You both get what you want and you’re in the neighborhood for dinner at La Fuente just as the crowds would be dying down. Win/win.

Rain Forest Night at the Domes
Friday, October 7 6:30 – 9
Tour the Domes in the dark!! Make a sundae using tropical ingredients. Learning and chocolate. What more do you want on a Friday night? Great event for those with kiddos.

Empty Bowls
Saturday, October 8 10:30 am – 2 pm
This event, which supports a great cause to feed Milwaukee’s hungry, gives you the opportunity to get a new earthenware bowl and taste test some of Milwaukee’s best soup from restaurants, caterers, and nonprofit groups. Go early, stand in line often. I went last year and it was packed. The event manager in me was wigging out, but the foodie liked it. Thank God for smartphone apps to keep you busy.

Foodie Tweet-Up at Beta by Sabor
Wednesday, October 19 5 – 7:30
One of my favorite groups of Milwaukee peeps, found on Facebook as MKEFoodies, hosts monthly(ish) events at new and unique restaurants around town. I’m sure I’m not the only one intrigued by the repetitive Beta by Sabor commercials. The people are always fun at these events and the food is bound to be fantastic this time.


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Looking for a Sequel to the Floyd Witch Project

In my next life, when money is no object, I have no fears, and science has made it possible to do so without dying, I want to be a hurricane chaser. I’m sure there’s some correlation to the fact that I don’t like roller coasters, but I love a dark and steep water ride. A tornado does nothing for me, but whip up a mad amount of rain and it’s my thing. I’ll never forget the one hurricane I lived through.

Hurricane Floyd must have happened the fall of 1999. I lived on the eighteenth story of an eighteen-story building that swayed in a decent breeze, so of course I stuck around when the rest of the state was clearing out. Two of my best friends and I even created The Floyd Witch Project, filming ourselves “scared” in dark corners of our dorm rooms with the windows taped up and all of our furniture pulled to the middle. (P.S. Why did we put our furniture in the middle? If the windows broke, wasn’t there a better chance of our stuff getting wrecked now that it was right in front of the window instead of next to it? Anyway, I digress…) The rest of the time was spent watching Stormy Weather Stud, Jim Cantore, and waiting for something to happen.

The hurricane turned out to be a flop in South Carolina. It led to major damage, loss of life and substantial flooding in North Carolina, but all we saw were a few drops of rain and a bit of wind. The sky made it all worthwhile though. (As did having the whole building to ourselves. Finally…no Tri-Deltas wasting elevator time getting up to the fifth floor…) You know when you look at a satellite photo of a hurricane you see circling clouds with a big hole in the middle? Well, that’s exactly what it looked like underneath as well. The entire sky spun in rotation around a clear space off on the horizon. It was breathtaking!

When Katrina hit, Roommate Nicki could attest to the fact that I was glued to the TV that whole weekend. Sorry to say for Randy and his nieces’ birthday party, I expect the same to happen over the next several days.  I do hope that Irene turns out to be as passive as I remember Floyd to be, but it sure is fun to watch in the meantime.

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Roll Tide, Not Tornadoes – Support My Alabama Family

We suspend the regular Weekly Poll to focus our attention on this week’s horrendous tornadoes that rolled through the south, focusing their attention on my second favorite southern location. My most awesome cousins live in this fine state. I consider their friends mine as M’rm once hosted me on campus at Alabama and Matt’s wedding made for a great opportunity to make more southern acquaintances. As I understand it, my family and friends are all ok, but there are a lot of people who are not.

If you have the means, may I suggest a quick text to Red Cross at 90999 which will instantly donate $10 to the cause.  Otherwise, you can visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to donate.

I’m not sure what you think about global warming, but everyone has to admit Mother Nature is one angry lady these days. The fact that she released something of this magnitude should make us all question our selfish ways.

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Best When Read…

With this or this playing in the background. 🙂

They say starting a new job is one of the most stressful things a person goes through. I disagree on a technicality. It’s not the new job that kills you; it’s the letting go of the old one that’s difficult.

If asked, I could provide a litany of reasons why it is time for me to leave my current place, but no silly requests, stupid rules or outlandish complaints can break my work ethic. I think I put on a good show this week and will close up shop properly in my last five days. Do you know how hard this is to do when you honestly don’t give a rip?

I’m exhausted. It’s been a long week of trying to please everyone while I took it all in one last time. It made my decision clear, but the goodbyes are still hard. I’m assuming I will see the Milwaukee-based coworkers, but I’m not sure about my members spread across North America – the father figures of the board, the gaggle of drinking buddies, and my original members of the “Anti-Old F#ck Club”.

The AOF are my fellow young pups who taught me how to drink with the guys (no shots, just bottled beer and never, ever try to keep up) and who kept me up until all hours of the night talking about the meaning of life on an abandoned ski lift in Vail, a homemade pool bar in Phoenix, and the streets of Hilton Head as Jesse’s iPhone once again got us hopelessly lost.

It breaks my heart to think that I won’t see them again. We say we’ll keep in touch. Who knows? With the advent of social media, perhaps we will, but I know better than to count on it.

In case this prophecy comes true and I never get a chance to tell you in person, y’all have meant the world to me, AHTD friends. You have taught me so much both personally and professionally. You have enriched my life and I hope we don’t have so many miles between us in the next one. I heart you and your “Party in the USA” ways.

It looks like my exhaustion is creeping into melancholy and this plane bound for Milwaukee isn’t even over Illinois yet. Hopefully this will disappear with a Sunday afternoon nap and the excitement of my new role. I’ll be doing a lot of work with volunteers again, so maybe I can make a new group of work buddies. I sure hope so.

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