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2011 Year in Review Goal 1: Be Healthy

I am a dork and do my New Year’s resolutions like strategic plans – goals, objectives, etc. There were three parts to 2011’s plan. This post focuses on part 1. Stay tuned for more.

Goal: Be Healthy.

  • Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes (running the whole way.)
  • Enter 4 athletic events.
  • Stick with Weight Watchers until I’m comfortably back to my 2004 weight.

Dude…I did NOT meet this goal.

I did complete four events this year. Here they are with times:

  • Cupcake Run 5k in May (34:50) – I did not run the whole distance, so I sacrificed my cupcake. Instead stopped at Starbucks on the way home for a chocolate smoothie. Healthy calories?
  • Rock N’ Sole 10k in July (1:14:02) – My goal was to finish in under 1:15, so I at least met that, but I think I only ran about a half. It was hot, there wasn’t water, blah, blah… there were plenty of excuses, but I just simply wasn’t ready for this distance.
  • Sausage Race 5k in July (35:05) – This one was miserably hot, my nerves got the best of me, and my wheels flew off almost instantly. Also sacrificed my sausage and beer, but given that it was 10am, I probably would have done that anyway.
  • Warrior Dash 5k with obstacles (41:50) – I held Randy back and he ran with me on this one. I went into it knowing I probably wouldn’t run the whole distance and to just have fun. I did! Swimming through mud was a blast. Do I need to do it again? Eh.

You can see I didn’t make my 30 minute mark, nor my run-the-whole-distance goal (though I did run 3.1 miles in practice a bunch!), so that is moving to 2012. I’m also upping my second challenge and planning on doing one special athletic event each month a la Miss Meghan A.  These events won’t all be running-based. Throwing in some yoga or pilates challenges sound great, too! That said, my first event is going to be the Sampson Stomp 5k on January 15. Anyone want to join me?

As for the weight, well, I’ve been hovering around the same number for 18 months now. 2012 may include some baby-housing, so I’m going to try to stop focusing on this number. Instead, I’ll focus on how clothes fit, how well I’m sticking to an exercise regimen, and trying to master my chocolate intake.

What are your health goals for 2012?

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Day 17: Are We There Yet?

I’m not going to lie – this #NoProOcto #Unprocessed Challenge is becoming a bit of a well, challenge. Do you know how much of our normal food has extra stuff in it??? I don’t have specifics, but it’s a phenomenally high percentage.

I had a bad cold last week (leaving me with zero interest in food) and had a bunch of required meals out where I wouldn’t be picking my selection. I like to think that my lunch at the Hyatt was mostly unprocessed food, but I’m pretty confident that my boxed lunch at the SWE conference last Friday included turkey that was more chemical than poultry. Today, I didn’t really think about the fact that I was eating fake potato chips until I was halfway through the bag. Old habits die hard!

After two weeks (wow, way to stick with it, Champ…) I couldn’t muster the energy to make my own breakfast bread for the week yesterday. I tried to find premade granola bars at the grocery store that fit the bill, but even hippie Kashi brand include all sorts of extras. Instead, I’ll be having plain yogurt (YAH! I found “legal” yogurt!) with a squirt of honey. And an extra dose of the hungries by 10am.

When I make my own meals, it is pretty easy to use natural ingredients. I made yummy cauliflower soup, kale chips, and chocolate brownies on Saturday using nothing processed. Also, a homemade spaghetti sauce with shredded zucchini (to replace ground meat) was a hit this last week. I guess that’s the secret… make as much food at home as possible.

Which brings me to my next point; have I found my November challenge?? Unfortunately, I think eating 100% homemade meals would be a harder challenge than eating 100% unprocessed food! What do you think would be harder for you?

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Fall Fun – Events in Milwaukee I Can’t Go To, But Wish I Could

Fall is supposed to be the time when Milwaukee’s social calendar starts quieting down. Not this year! Either the city is finally getting hip or everyone knows I have put myself on self-imposed exile until November 19th to get ready for my in-person debut. I can’t attend these events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Go for me. Have a beer or some soup or a fancy, dry-ice-covered cocktail that’s been whored out in baseball playoff commercials. (Seriously, I think there are only like four commercials over and over again…)

Art Milwaukee/Newaukee/Spreenkler Meeting/Everything Cool Grand Opening
Thursday, October 6 6 – ??
Looks like Grand Avenue is coming alive all at once thanks to these great networking groups and new businesses. This seems like THE place to see and be seen for a creative small business owner and anyone who considers themselves a Milwaukee hipsters. Find your best ironically hued business attire and check it out!

Milwaukee Young Professionals: Ballet and Brew
Friday, October 7 5:30 – 8ish
Attend this event for a backstage look at a dress rehearsal of Michael Pink’s Dracula AND a brewery tour at Milwaukee Brewing Company. This seems like the best date idea ever. You both get what you want and you’re in the neighborhood for dinner at La Fuente just as the crowds would be dying down. Win/win.

Rain Forest Night at the Domes
Friday, October 7 6:30 – 9
Tour the Domes in the dark!! Make a sundae using tropical ingredients. Learning and chocolate. What more do you want on a Friday night? Great event for those with kiddos.

Empty Bowls
Saturday, October 8 10:30 am – 2 pm
This event, which supports a great cause to feed Milwaukee’s hungry, gives you the opportunity to get a new earthenware bowl and taste test some of Milwaukee’s best soup from restaurants, caterers, and nonprofit groups. Go early, stand in line often. I went last year and it was packed. The event manager in me was wigging out, but the foodie liked it. Thank God for smartphone apps to keep you busy.

Foodie Tweet-Up at Beta by Sabor
Wednesday, October 19 5 – 7:30
One of my favorite groups of Milwaukee peeps, found on Facebook as MKEFoodies, hosts monthly(ish) events at new and unique restaurants around town. I’m sure I’m not the only one intrigued by the repetitive Beta by Sabor commercials. The people are always fun at these events and the food is bound to be fantastic this time.


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Day 3: You Win Some, You Lose Some

A few musings from the weekend:

A beautiful day to feel like crap.I will support Randy’s running habits as it makes him happy and healthy, but I don’t think I can support marathoning. I’m one of those that thinks that is just too much toll on a human body. Even just helping at the marathon made my hips hurt. (Or the 8,000 times I bent over to pick up water bottles might have done it. Oops.) On the other hand, if there is ever a day to run for 4 hours (there’s not), yesterday was it. Thank you Milwaukee for a beautiful fall! Keep it up.

Star Wars is in fact a pretty cool movie. The special effects are amazing for 1978, but can we talk about the alien costumes? (Cough, cheeseball, cough.) P.S. How does Darth not give the epic line in movie one?? Answer:  So I have reason to watch the rest of the movies…

#NoProOcto is off to a good start, but I realized a couple of things. First, I purchased a number of snacks that do technically fit my “could I make ‘em in my kitchen” test, but probably are still considered too processed. Example: Annie’s Bunny Grahams Friends. Instead of beating myself up, I’m going to call this a gateway snack and try to get more and more unprocessed as the weeks go on. Next, homemade muffins are SO much better than boxed granola bars. Here’s what I tried this week. What other recipes would you recommend? Finally, in the spirit of Not Being That Asshole, I decided not to ask for specific grocery lists from dishes at last night’s dinner club. I figure these people are pretty healthy, so I can generally tell what’s acceptable and what is not. Or I just couldn’t say no to taco dip, whatever…

I need to investigate soy lecithin. It’s the only unknown thing in Hershey bars. (Blast! And in my chocolate bunny friends!) Who knew those weren’t all fake food? I guess just 95% sugar.

Speaking of snacks, have you checked out Mike and Tom Eat Snacks (aka MATES…which I tell you because it took me a good two months of listening before I figured out why they kept calling their viewers (THEY’RE NOT VIEWERS) “mates”. They weren’t. And I’m quick. Moving on…) podcast yet? If not, put down what you’re doing, and go download a bunch. I recommend starting with the Snyder’s Pretzels episode. But not while on the bus. Every bus needs a crazy talking to himself and laughing for no reason. You’ll be that guy.

And finally, in today’s Makin’ Me Happy category, let me suggest I don’t know what the catch is, but they have GREAT deals on popular clothes (Victoria Secret catalog included). Don’t ask questions. Just buy. Playing Grown-Up needs a new pair of boots!

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Day 1: Being Healthy is Expensive! Or Is It???

To get #NoProOcto off to a good start, I headed to Outpost, our local organic grocery store. I think there might be a surcharge for the hipness factor, but for the month, I’ll be willing to pay. Here’s what I got:

Outpost Purchases Week 1

Highlights include house made baba ganoush, hummus, straight-from-the-farm goat cheese, fruit spritzers (die Diet Coke habit, die!), and an organic take-and-bake pizza. I also got almonds, dried cranberries, and fresh bread (water and flour. The end.) You’ll notice there are no vegetables. We have about a month left on our CSA, so I already had a fridge full of squash, tomatoes and enough lettuce to feed an army. I did purchase pork chops, but couldn’t bring myself to buy their $11 chicken breasts. Pick N’ Save has organic chicken for less. Guess I’ll have to go there, too.

This morning’s grand total was $102. That’s a lot given the staples that weren’t included. BUT-this does include a lot of food for lunches and snacks which I typically purchase as the week goes on. Will it balance out? I doubt it, but I feel better. Maybe.

Stay tuned for product reviews as the month wears on.

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