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Day 17: Are We There Yet?

I’m not going to lie – this #NoProOcto #Unprocessed Challenge is becoming a bit of a well, challenge. Do you know how much of our normal food has extra stuff in it??? I don’t have specifics, but it’s a phenomenally high percentage.

I had a bad cold last week (leaving me with zero interest in food) and had a bunch of required meals out where I wouldn’t be picking my selection. I like to think that my lunch at the Hyatt was mostly unprocessed food, but I’m pretty confident that my boxed lunch at the SWE conference last Friday included turkey that was more chemical than poultry. Today, I didn’t really think about the fact that I was eating fake potato chips until I was halfway through the bag. Old habits die hard!

After two weeks (wow, way to stick with it, Champ…) I couldn’t muster the energy to make my own breakfast bread for the week yesterday. I tried to find premade granola bars at the grocery store that fit the bill, but even hippie Kashi brand include all sorts of extras. Instead, I’ll be having plain yogurt (YAH! I found “legal” yogurt!) with a squirt of honey. And an extra dose of the hungries by 10am.

When I make my own meals, it is pretty easy to use natural ingredients. I made yummy cauliflower soup, kale chips, and chocolate brownies on Saturday using nothing processed. Also, a homemade spaghetti sauce with shredded zucchini (to replace ground meat) was a hit this last week. I guess that’s the secret… make as much food at home as possible.

Which brings me to my next point; have I found my November challenge?? Unfortunately, I think eating 100% homemade meals would be a harder challenge than eating 100% unprocessed food! What do you think would be harder for you?

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Then I Got Notice of A Restaurant Supply Auction…

So this just arrived at my desk along with five good-looking, yet somewhat utilitarianly-wrapped (i.e. I could do better!) baked goods.

If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

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