The Grown-Up

Yep, 2009 was the year that I first noticed wrinkles and a handful of gray hairs. My dad (one of my best friends) died in a motorcycle accident in May and I found solace in blog-writing. I was surprised that other people were interested in my ramblings, but I guess that’s a Padre Trait I’ll carry on.

There were also some fantasticly wonderful grown-up things to come out of recent history. I met a man who stole my heart. He’s dreamy. Be warned, you’re going to hear a lot about him. He turned me on to NPR and Harry Potter, which you’ll also hear a lot about. (I turned him on to Anthony Bourdain and Twilight…fair trade, right?) I continued on my MBA studies through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I celebrated my fourth year in my house. As of November 2011 I am exploring my entrepreneurial spirit and starting my own business, Mark the Occasion Designs, where I make flowers using heirloom fabrics, jewelry, beads, and other notions.

I have a secret: I love food-all food. I dig an Extra Value Meal #2 (diet coke, please) as much as a gourmet, five-star, three-course restaurant meal. Give me chocolate and I’ll tell you all the secrets of the world. So with that, I also try to exercise. I usually have some Grand Scheme to get me challenged, but if I were honest, I would tell you I think about exercise more than I actually do it. I do teach a couple of classes at the Wauwatosa WAC. Maybe you’ve seen me there??



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